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The Long Walk From Freedom: How Liberalism Has Been Hijacked

Censored speech, prevention of freedom of thought, banning of certain media, punishments for dissenting voices; does this sound familiar?

These were the hallmarks of the fascist dictatorships of Mussolini and Hitler, and they are fast becoming an accepted part of life within society today. The long walk from freedom has been taking place right under our noses, and we haven’t even realised. Until I fear, it might be too late.

The liberal ideology is one defined by, support for free markets, free trade, limited government, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism, democracy, freedom of speech, gender equality, racial equality, and freedom of thought. How is it then, that we now live in what is considered one of the most liberal and free nations in the history of the world; yet we are pressured into ‘group-think’, ideological parity, speech codes, and the threat of facing the ‘mob’ if you refuse to think, speak and do what you’re told by the vocal minority within our society.

The singular thing those who attempt to force us into this behaviour have in common is that they call themselves liberals. These left-wing extremists learned a long time ago, to hide their true intent through irrefutable names and statements. This lesson was learned at the end of World War Two, where prior to the fall of Nazi Germany prominent figures such as Franklin D. Roosevelt (the father of the modern democratic party) spoke of his fellow progressivists, Mussolini and Hitler saying “they are like us they are fascists”. Once Fascism fell, and the world was exposed to the horrors it entailed, the left knew it must hide their intentions in plain sight, and disingenuously used the terms liberal and democratic, whilst in truth supporting and enacting ideologies diametrically opposed to the true meanings of the words.

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In the past, they used the terms, progressives, socialists, and Neo-liberal. Today they have honed their skills to a near-perfect art form; with names like Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. These are terms impossible to dispute or attack, everyone in their right mind agrees that black lives matter and fascism is abhorrent. Their intelligence has been to coin these terms to deflect from being the very thing they claim to oppose and hide their true intentions. We must take a moment to applaud their intelligence in behaving in this way; how is anyone supposed to be able to launch a coherent and intellectual argument against these groups’ core principles, without appearing to be in support of fascism of racism? The truth of the matter is, whilst they use names and platforms, the majority would support and they project widely simple and obviously positive agendas. It is a guise for a far more insidious affair.

The power of words has become more and more paramount over recent years, and these extreme left-wing groups have weaponised it to their great advantage. In this way, they have been given room to come out from the shadows, and express their authoritarian, extremist agenda, without fear of scrutiny. The Black Lives Matter organisation has become the most prominent example of this. An organisation that’s main goals are; defunding the police in favour of their own personal community control, tearing down capitalism, forcible taking individuals property. Including countless more extreme, historically fascistic propositions. Yet through their name, they successfully have created for themselves a safe harbour to express their extremism.

We are living in an age, where the left has taken a long march, successfully infiltrating our institutions; the media, the arts, the education system, and the civil service. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go their ideology is expressed. There’s been a systematic effort to infiltrate the minds of the people to convert them without them even being aware of it. And for those who refuse to quietly bow down to their world view, well, they’re cancelled, harassed, attacked, and abused. It is important to remember that these people are not representative of our society, humankind is in its nature inquisitive and questioning. The majority of people continue to critique and rebel against this popular onslaught. However, the majority remains quiet, particularly in this country, we still have the British sensibility of ‘live and let live’. But this is no longer good enough; the extremes within our society are loud and they have hijacked the system. Democracy is designed upon thewill of the majority, but we have seen a seismic shift, where through fear, and intimidation, the loud minority have scared people into silence.

If we are to protect our democracy, our freedom, our right to question, we must stand up and be counted. No longer can we allow the extreme vocal minority within our society to have the casting vote. It is time to rip them out, root and stem. For the sake of our culture, for the sake of our future, it is time to come out of shadows, out of the reserved and silent corners we cower and speak up for our beliefs. If not now, then when? The long walk from freedom has been slow and effective, but it is not too late to turn back, and we have to take that first step. We must be brave as our ancestors were, storming the beaches to fight for a brighter future, free from authoritarian extremist ideologies. The power of words has been an effective weapon, but the power of the people will and has always been stronger. We have the ability, the time is now, and the steps must be taken.

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“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except and endless present in which the Party is always right.”- George Orwell, 1984.

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