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A Second Lockdown: A Futile Act Of Ignorance And Destruction

Source: COVID-19 Vancouver's largest protest, April 26th 2020 Author: GoToVan from Vancouver, Canada

As the UK heads seemingly inevitably towards a second lockdown, the time to stand up and say no has arrived.

The first lockdown was a bleak affair, with little to no positives. Furthermore, it was destructive to our economy, our livelihoods, our jobs and our mental health, and presented with no conclusive evidence to suggest that it worked. Let us not forget the unintended consequences of the first lockdown: firstly, hospitals were empty. The concerns of overwhelming the NHS were not only proven false, but woefully damaging.

Millions of people went untreated for mild to serious conditions and injuries. We may never know the number of deaths caused by undiagnosed cancer, untreated patients and empty hospitals. However, it is undoubtedly high.

In addition to the complete lack of strain upon the NHS, lockdown has also led to a possible mental health crisis. According to QJM: An International Journal of Medicine, it is more than likely that depression, anxiety and suicide will increase dramatically.

Lockdowns are proving to be of little consequence to prevent the spread of COVID. While some countries have had full lockdowns, others have had none. What this has shown is there is no evidence to suggest they help – in fact, they are causing more harm than good.

Sweden is a good example. Sweden has had no lockdown; instead, they have shielded the vulnerable and the elderly, whilst allowing the rest of the population to continue mostly as normal. As we learn more about this virus, it is becoming clear that only certain people are susceptible to severe cases.

Moreover, by protecting those vulnerable and allowing the general population to interact, Sweden has created higher immunity which creates a safer environment for those at risk while avoiding dire economic collapse. In both instances, this is something that we in the UK are woefully failing to achieve.

The same can be seen across the USA. States that have opted for full lockdowns have seen far higher death figures and worse economic impacts than those that did not. Furthermore, the CDC quietly updated its COVID deaths figures recently, to take into account comorbidities – something that is commonplace for flu and other coronavirus-related deaths. “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.” The deaths of COVID in the UK would undoubtedly be similar if we were to re-evaluate our figures. These figures suggest that COVID is more comparable to the flu, and not the deadly disease as presented.

The simple fact of the matter is that COVID is a long-term problem, while lockdowns are a short-term ‘solution’.

The UK Government is failing, both in protecting the vulnerable and in allowing disastrous economic collapse. We must ask ourselves when the cost becomes greater than the results. I would argue that we have far exceeded the justifiable cost of lockdowns. And as we find ourselves spiralling towards another, it is time for the public to say ‘no’. No longer can we have fear tactics used against us to impose unjustifiable impositions on our individual freedoms in the way we allowed it before. The negative ‘ends’ of these lockdowns appear too great to justify the ‘means’.

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