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The Democrat Party: Their History Of Thinly Veiled Racism & Division

Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

In this election year, we must appreciate and understand the hidden truth about the Democrat Party.

This year we have experienced the greatest onslaught to date from the Democrats and the left. Notably, accusations of racism to everyone on the right; the Democrats have fully assumed their self-given position as morally superior and the party of anti-racism. However, this has not happened overnight; it has been carefully crafted by the Democrats for years. But, are the Democrats anti-racist and the right/Republicans the party of racists and racism? On the contrary, history actually argues the opposite.

Firstly, we must go back to the beginning of racial division within the USA: slavery. Slavery was created by the Democrats, as was the KKK. Furthermore, the Democrats fought against black equality at every stage. With the 13th amendment to outlaw slavery, 78% of Democrats voted against, while 100% of Republicans voted for. With the 14th amendment enshrining equal citizenship for blacks into law, 94% of Republicans voted for, while 100% of Democrats voted against. With the 15th amendment giving blacks the right to vote, 100% of Republicans voted for, while 100% of Democrats voted against.

Furthermore, overwhelmingly more Republicans voted for the 1960s Civil Rights Act. This is only 50 years ago – are we to believe that the Democrats and Republicans did a complete 180 in such a short period of time? Likewise, which party should we trust when they claim to be pro-equality with those records?

So why do black people overwhelmingly vote Democrat?

This can be answered by looking at Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson was a Democrat President who passed the Civil Rights Act. He was quoted as saying: “We need to give them just enough to keep them quiet, but not enough to make a difference. If we pass this, we’ll have the [N-word] vote for the next 200 years.”

This is not ancient history, despite what the Democrats want you to believe – it continues on today. The modern Democrat Party uses more intelligent rhetoric and propaganda to continue to take advantage of black Americans to secure their vote, without actually improving their lives. They pass enough legislation to make it appear they’re helping, without making any positive steps. It’s a con.

Despite what the Democrats wish people would think, they never became the party of the minority or the party of black Americans. They simply changed their rhetoric and plans. Instead of plantations, they created the inner-city ghettos. This is still true to this day; all the poor inner cities with majority ethnic communities are run by Democrats.

They still celebrate women like Margaret Sanger, a ‘women of the KKK’, an idol of the Nazi Party, and the founder of planned parenthood. She described this as the best way to eradicate the black community without the need for force. Hilary Clinton described Sanger as someone she “admires” and is “in awe of”. The Democrats are as much the party of racism and segregation as they ever were. As the majority of people became anti-racist and pro-equality, the Democrats just became better at scamming people.

History by design should help us learn from our mistakes.

The Democrats have learned from history how to change their rhetoric to fit the times, while the end result remains the same: inequality. We must learn from history how to recognise it, putting over their fiction. It’s time to expose the Democrats for the party of slavery, segregation and inequality that they were, and remain to this day. Moreover, don’t believe their propaganda – do the research and discover the truth, not the fiction.