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Analysis: Is It Time For Andrew Cuomo And Gavin Newsom To Resign?

Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom lead two of the most populous States in the USA. Now, both are facing calls to resign over their disastrous tenures as Governors.

Let’s start with Newsom. The spirited Governor was elected in a landslide back in 2017, with 61.9% of Californians placing their trust in him. Since then, he has dragged that trust through the mud, and turned America’s richest and most populous State into something resembling a third-world country. Even more worryingly, he is only 2 years through his tenure.

Do you remember the widespread blackouts that California faced in the summer of 2020? Rolling blackouts occurred across the state, leaving millions in the dark. The energy company ‘Power the Future’ testified that the power outages were caused as a result of renewable energy resources not being able to cope in the heat of the summer. However, at this point, Governor Newsom didn’t seem to be listening.

He had the opportunity to reassure his citizens. Instead, he chose to bash then President Trump, and declare that the outages were the result of climate change. It is worth noting that every non-renewable power station statewide was operational that day.

The areas in orange were those affected by the blackouts. Most notable is the San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to nearly 8 million people.

This has been far from the only issue Newsom has come under fire for. Between 2018 and 2019, California experienced a 16.4% increase in homelessness. There are currently 128,777 recorded homeless individuals in the state. More astoundingly, the homeless population for families with children is 22,501. Since Newsom has been elected as Governor, this number has only increased. Most alarmingly, if you added up the numbers of homeless people in Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois and Massachusetts, you would still be short of the number in California.

Crime has also been an issue that Newsom has shied away from. The property crime rate in California is 2,110 per 100,000. This is considerably higher than the national average. Alameda County and San Mateo County, which are largely urbanised, have seen a 10% increase in burglaries and car thefts. San Bernadino County, which is just north of Los Angeles, saw an almost 15% increase in violent crime.

There is currently a petition out to recall Governor Newsom, which is currently most of the way to achieving the 1.5 million votes required to trigger an election.

Many Californians are unsettled by Newsom’s actions as Governor.

Moving on to Andrew Cuomo, the three-term Governor of New York has come under fire for covering up a scandal which saw Covid-19 patients placed in nursing homes, amongst the most vulnerable in society. It is believed this decision contributed to 15,000 deaths statewide.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise applied pressure to Cuomo, saying that he “lied about the death toll, after sending thousands of contagious Covid-19 patients into nursing homes”. The Congressman also presented what he termed a “timeline of the cover-up”.

There have been calls from both Republicans and Democrats to subpoena Cuomo. Some have even called for a criminal investigation.

As if wanting to make the situation worse for himself, Cuomo threatened to “destroy” Assemblyman Ron Kim, in a phone call regarding the nursing home incident. Kim, who is also a Democrat, had been a vocal critic of Cuomo’s nursing home policy. This angry rebuke by Cuomo is believed to have been as a result of Kim suggesting he had committed an obstruction of justice. This is something that Cuomo denies.

Ron Kim, pictured, attended a rally against fellow party member Cuomo.

Even though the news on the nursing home scandal is recent, Cuomo has even more charges to face. Three women (and counting) have accused him of sexual misconduct.

The women, of which two are former aides of the Governor, have spoken out about Cuomo’s inappropriate behaviour towards female staff.

The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James has opened an investigation into Cuomo’s conduct. James herself said: “This is not a responsibility we take lightly, as allegations of sexual harassment should always be taken seriously.”

Letitia James has also promised to make public, the findings of the sexual harassment investigation.

When considering the disastrous job that both Governors have done over the past couple of years, maybe now is a good time for them to quit whilst they are ahead. That way, the GOP can come in and lift their States out of the mess they have found themselves in.

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