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Eric Bolling Storms Off BBC Newsnight After Heated Debate

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling walked out of a fiery debate after being branded racist for supporting Georgia’s election security laws.

Mr Bolling was debating the controversial new law alongside Aisha Mills. He became enraged after Ms Mills claimed that “white Republicans were only pretending to care about black people to make a point”. He fired back by reminding her that “you don’t know who I am”, and labelled her comment “disgusting”.

The programme was also discussing the effect that the movement of the MLB all-star game will have on Atlanta businesses. The baseball association recently moved the game to Denver after pressure from left-wing groups.

It is estimated that moving the game will cost Atlanta businesses over $100m in lost revenue. The city itself is 54% African-American. In contrast, less than 10% of Colorado residents are black. Conservative critics of the change have pointed out that moving the game will only divest more funds from black businesses.

However, Ms Mills was appeared uninterested in these facts, and continued to lambast Bolling. She claimed he was “trying to create a wedge” by pointing out the revenue loss.

Pictured: Republican governor Brian Kemp signs bill into law.

Georgia has recently passed a new election security law, in light of controversy that was generated during the 2020 election campaign. The new law will mean that voters must provide some kind of identification, such as a driving license, in order to be able to vote. Ballot harvesting of postal votes is also outlawed, meaning that anyone who requests a postal vote must submit it themselves.

President Joe Biden carried the state by 0.23% in last year’s election.

Liberal groups have criticised the law, with many claiming that African-American and Hispanic voters will not have identification, or will not know how to obtain it.

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