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EXCLUSIVE: Civil Service Funds Safe Space Sessions Following Race Report

The Civil Service has been running ‘safe space sessions’ for their employees, using taxpayer funds to do so.

In screenshots leaked to Turning Point UK, the Civil Service can be seen using taxpayer money to fund ‘safe space sessions’ for staff who had been “caused anxiety” by the recent Government-commissioned race report.

The report had been commissioned by Government following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last summer. Prime Minister Boris Johnson set up the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities which was charged with carrying out the research. The report aims to examine racial inequality in this country.

The session conducted by the Civil Service was headlined: “Safe Space Session – Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report”. It was hosted by the ‘Faith and Minority Ethnic Network’ (FAME) at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The aim of FAME is to make BEIS “more Faith and Race-confident”. FAME’s mission involves promoting “diversity awareness” and “working with external partners to promote diversity”.

The description of the meeting read:

“In acknowledgement that the recent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (CRED) report has caused some anxiety amongst staff, FAME are holding this safe space session for colleagues to share their reflections and feelings. They will also discuss potential implications for the FAME network’s work and some of their wider D&I objectives. They will be joined by Paro Konar, Director of Industrial Decarbonisation and one of our BEIS race Champions. This session is open to ethnic minority colleagues working in BEIS.”

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The race review looked into the racial inequalities in schools, healthcare, employment and policing.

The findings found that the UK was not “deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities”. It also found that the racial disparities hinged far more upon factors including family structure and social class than race.

The report also attacked the “increasingly strident form of anti-racism thinking that seeks to explain all minority disadvantage through the prism of white discrimination”, saying that this diverted attention from the other causes of inequality.

The Commission did mention, however, that “we take the reality of racism seriously and we do not deny that it is a real force in the UK”.

The authors of the report were subject to abuse following the release of the report, despite almost all of the researchers being from minority backgrounds.

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Critics of the report included Labour MP Clive Lewis, who compared the authors of the report to the KKK, a racist organisation in the USA.


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