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The Left Like To Remind Us That Language is Violence: They Need To Look In The Mirror

On October 15th, the Conservative MP for Southend West, Sir David Amess died after being brutally stabbed multiple times whilst at a constituency surgery at Belfair Methodist Church, in Leigh-on-Sea.

Similarly to James Brokenshire’s death, the “tolerant” left-wing Twitter crowd took their chance to hound the man who had just been stabbed to death, and the cause for which he stood in Southend.

One Twitter user by the name of Fernando Pfaltz wrote: “For anyone else considering stabbing Tory MPs, this is much better.” Underneath his message was an image of a guillotine.

Another user by the name of DanielJC wrote: “I for one enjoy hearing that homophobic Tory MPs have died.”

Aside from the tweets after Amess’ death, the violent speech coming from the Labour Party, both MPs, and supporters, makes it clear how a man could brutally stab someone who he knew was a Conservative MP.

David Lammy has said comparing the hard-Brexit European Research Group of Tory MPs to Nazis and proponents of South African apartheid was “not strong enough.”

John McDonnell said in reference to Esther McVey in 2014: “Why are we sacking her, why aren’t we lynching the bastard?”

Most recently, Angela Rayner used the infamous “Tory scum” phrase at the Labour Party conference. When she was confronted by Trevor Phillips in a Sky News interview, she refused to apologise, stating: “Once the Prime Minister apologises for all the racism, sexism and homophobia, then I will apologise for calling him scummy.”

This stabbing is completely shocking. However, it is clear that there is a certain taste in the air in British politics at the moment where Conservatives, both MPs, and supporters, are having to watch their backs. The kind of language used by senior Labour MPs only emphasises that. Angela Rayner’s comments in particular are the most recent and most inflammatory, and have been followed by the murder of Amess.

She said in her interview with Trevor Phillips that she was trying to convey in a ‘passionate way’ to a group of activists.

Thankfully, most activists have been hidden behind a computer screen and a keyboard, but it is clear that there are more left-wing activists who are moving towards violence against Conservative MPs, and that is terrifying.

At the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Iain Duncan Smith was assaulted with a traffic cone, by left wing protesters who were shouting “Tory Scum” at him, the same words used by Angela Rayner at the Labour Party conference the week before.

Infamously in 2019, Nigel Farage had a milkshake thrown at him whilst he was out campaigning in Newcastle. Though these are minor incidents, the fatal stabbing of David Amess is not.

The left always talk about how our language insinuates violence: Donald Trump leading protest in Washington on the 6th of January, JK Rowling in her essay about her views on trans women’s ability to use women only spaces, and others. Each time, these activists made threats of physical and sexual violence. It seems that the left need to take a good, long, hard look in the mirror, before another person is stabbed because of something they have said which has stirred someone up so much.

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