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Is Labour’s Success Down To Postal Voter Fraud?

Is there more than meets the eye when it comes to Labour and postal votes?

News broke earlier this month that Labour MP Israr Rashid of High Wycomb, was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the electoral services in the 2019 Totteridge by elections. Thankfully his actions were known in advance and the Labour party moved quickly to expel him days before the by election. It would be convenient to think that this was just an isolated incidence for Labour, unfortunately, that is not the case.
In November 2019 Baz Ahmed was reported to police for “clear voter fraud” for tweeting pictures of unsealed postal ballots, no charges were made however as the investigation was dropped by the Electoral Commission due to lack of actual proof of voting violations(apparently). Let’s give this one the benefit of the doubt on this occasion.
A year earlier however, Shafaq Ahmed, a former Labour MP in Birmingham, along with 5 OTHER Labour MP’s, were found guilty of massive voter fraud dating all the way back to 2004. Shafaq didn’t even stop there, he changed his name and immediately ran for office again. This was one of the worst and most brazen cases up until this point. Previously the mantel was held by Labour MP Muhammed Hussain, who in 2002 pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud local elections in Blackburn. The scale of this case was the first of its kind as Mr Hussain was literally taking blank voting papers off his constituents and telling them “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of them”. The level of contempt shown for the democratic process is mind boggling. Judge Peter Openshaw was quick to respond deciding Hussain’s punishment immediately due to this level of fraud on such a wide scale, had been unknown in Britain for 100 years.
The track record of Labour MPs who are caught committing postal voting fraud on this scale is absolutely shocking. From Momentum to the Northern left “red strongholds”. You will only have to search back over the years to see case after case after case. Even the left wing media and the Labour party themselves acknowledge it has a serious problem in its own ranks.
The problem got so bad even the House of Commons Library published a report called Postal voting and electoral fraud 2001-09 SN03667. On page 14 it referenced another report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which sites the following….
On 28 April 2008 a report was published by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust which examined the  integrity of the electoral system in the UK. The author of Purity of Elections in the UK: Causes for  Concern, Stuart Wilks-Heeg, said in his preface that the report had been commissioned ‘to review the extent to which there is evidence of electoral principles and processes being undermined in the UK.’ Wilks-Heeg’s key findings were as follows:
1. Experienced election observers have raised serious concerns about how well UK election procedures  measure up to international standards.
2. There have been at least 42 convictions for electoral fraud in the UK in the period 2000–2007.
3. Greater use of postal voting has made UK elections far more vulnerable to fraud and resulted in several  instances of large-scale fraud.
4. There is widespread, and justifiable, concern about both the comprehensiveness and the accuracy of the  UK’s electoral registers – the poor state of the registers potentially compromises the integrity of the ballot.”
Nigel Farage has been one of the few MP’s to openly speak about this growing issue. Yet there has been little action to date on any kind of reform what so ever. This is a serious problem, all the time/money spent by activists in campaigning could be all for naught if we don’t have a level playing field. We can’t let Labour get away with this!