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Jonathan Eida: Jonathan is a political commentator. He is also a senior contributor for Turning Point UK and writes articles for Wolves of Westminster. His interests include philosophy and sociology.

Zak Mudie: Zak is a student in Newcastle and he’s big on freedom, political philosophy, and US politics.

Caleb Standen: Particularly interested in the philosophy that drives the politics of Western society. An Anglo-Indian born and raised in India, studying Computer Science in Northern Ireland.

Ollie Campbell: Ollie is a social conservative from Wiltshire, with a passion for economic liberalisation and the ability to create your own wealth.

Darius Hutchinson: A Brexit-supporting Thatcherite conservative from North London, with interests including geopolitics, history and UK politics.

Ethan Beard: Our journalist from Manchester. He is very passionate and believes that patriotism can bring communities together.

Richard Miller: Richard is a student from Derby with a passion for political reporting and is a strong supporter of the policies of Milton Friedman.