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Ethical Policies

Ethics Policy:

Maintaining high editorial standards is key for The Point News. Our editors and writers will work according to The Editors’ Code of Practice, which is enforced by the IPSO. Even though The Point News is not regulated by the IPSO, we recognise the importance of the standards it sets and will align our philosophy around it.

Editors and reporters must provide sources for their information and, if an image has been used, provide credit and state what license gives them the authority to use the image. Under no circumstances should disinformation or fake news be published, unless the article in question is clearly stated as “satire”. If an article includes an opinion, it must be tagged as an opinion. Objective news must not be intertwined with opinion.

Reporters have an obligation, as stated under the IPSO’s Editors’ Code of Practice, to protect unnamed and type of sources. The writer should take the correct measures to vet and seek reliable sources who can provide accurate information.

Corrections Policy:

Editors and reporters must fact-check their own work and, in the event that a piece of information is proven to be false, writers must make a correction and clarify the edit made. If necessary, an apology should be issued.

If you believe that we have published inaccurate material, please contact us via our social media channels or email us at info@thepointnews.co.uk.