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Former Labour Minister Reportedly Has Peerage Blocked

It has been understood that former Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson has had his peerage recommendation blocked.

According to the Independent[1], Watson was one of three nominations by Former Labour Party Leader that have been declined. Former Commons speaker John Bercow, and ex-director of Mr Corbyn’s office, Karie Murphy were the other names that had been declined by an Independent Watchdog that oversees peerage nominations.

A Labour source told the PA news agency: “These were appointments suggested by the previous Labour leader.

“We are not involved in the decision making process. Keir Starmer hasn’t been asked to make any appointments.”

It is claimed that Watson’s peerage recommendation was rejected for his role in bringing attention the claims a fantasist who claimed that there was a paedophile ring being operated out of Westminster. Carl Beech now resides in jail for his false allegations of rape and torture. He will be serving an 18 year jail sentence.

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Beech’s claims resulted in the Metropolitan Police conducting raids on the homes of the late military chief Lord Bramall, the late Lord Brittan and former MP Harvey Proctor.

Harvey Proctor, a former Conservative MP targeted by the allegations, has led a campaign to deny Mr Watson a peerage.

Watson had helped give fuel to the investigation. In 2015, only a small while after Lord Brittan’s death, Mr Watson quoted Beech describing the former home secretary “as close to evil as a human being could get”.

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Watson has been called the “Cheerleader in Chief” for his role in the promulgation of these false accusations.

Lord Cormack, a former peer of Mr Watson, officially opposed to Watson’s peerage nomination, saying “one who has abused his place in one House of Parliament should not be admitted to another.” This occurred in March this year.

Mr Bercow’s nomination was rejected, it is believed, because the commission felt Mr Corbyn was not entitled to nominate him because the former Conservative MP is “not Labour”.

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