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How Easy Would Independence For Scotland Be?

With Twitter plagued by Scottish nationalists furiously defending how schoolchildren received their grades, Scottish independence has entered the limelight once again.

We all heard from the SNP and others about how difficult it would be to leave the EU (a trading bloc in which we have been for less than 50 years), but funnily enough, the same camp doesn’t mention the difficulty in leaving the United Kingdom. It’s as though the United Kingdom doesn’t share a culture, military, currency and over 300 years of history. And as a matter of fact, it was King James VI of Scotland who sought to unite the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England in 1606. For years, we have always been better together.

It took us 4 years to leave the EU, a voluntary club of nations in a free-trading area. If Scotland were to have a once-in-a-lifetime independence referendum (again), what happens then? What currency should Scotland adopt? What happens to the border between Scotland and England? Nicola may want to take some tips from Mr Trump on building walls for that…

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There is also the re-entry of Scotland into the EU – what would the EU demand?

We all know Scottish fishermen would wreak havoc as, almost certainly, Scottish fishing waters would be relinquished further for EU boats to plunder. There is also the strong chance of Spain vetoing Scotland’s entry into the union – Spain have their own independence issues with Catalonia, and an independent Scotland could very quickly ignite the independence voices there.

The SNP fails to present a coherent argument for independence, in my view, but also fails to even inform their supporters of the its costs. But their spin doctors will continue to criticise England as a means of division and diversion continuously.

All supporters of the United Kingdom need to make the case for how important Scotland is to the nation – only then shall we begin to quell the voices of the nationalists.