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Emaciated Assange Is ‘In A Lot Of Pain’ Since Prison Lockdown

Julian Assange, after being under lockdown in Belmarsh Prison due to the current situation, is not in good health and, according to his partner, looks emaciated.

Assange received visitors for the first time in six months: a 20-minute meeting with his partner and children. The visitors wore masks and were not allowed to have any physical contact with Assange, who was threatened with two weeks of prison isolation if these rules were breached.

Photo by: Garry Knight
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Even with these stipulations, Stella Morris, the partner of Assange and the mother of his children, remarked that, since March, Assange is looking much thinner and suffering from a myriad of health issues including a sprained ankle and a frozen shoulder.

While the prison is taking the virus precautions very seriously, according to Morris, very little has been done for the prisoners in regular hours.

“We had to keep social distancing and Julian was told he would have to self-isolate for two weeks if he touched the children. Julian said it was the first time he had been given a mask, because things are very different behind the doors. I could not see him very clearly because of the visors, but he looked a lot thinner. He was wearing a yellow armband to indicate his level of prisoner status, and you could see how thin his arms were,” Morris explained.

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Assange was unable to have meetings with his legal team and has been permitted only a limited number of documents needed for his legal case. Last month, Morris opened a crowdfunder to raise money to fight Assange’s potential extradition to the US. Since August 20th, the fundraiser has raised over £60K.

Assange is due to be heard on Monday at the Old Bailey. The case will have far-reaching consequences and will set a precedent in UK law.