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Thousands Of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Rally In Trafalgar Square Against COVID Restrictions

Large numbers of activists gathered in Trafalgar Square on Saturday afternoon, in defiance of the Government’s COVID policy.

Led by Ms Kate Shemerai, a former NHS nurse, protesters and activists heard from doctors and professionals from all over the world who called for an immediate cessation to all Government-mandated precautions.


Advocating against the wearing of face masks, mandatory vaccinations and social distancing, protesters gathered in their thousands, many exchanging hugs, defying the newly introduced ‘Rule of Six’.

The protest was financed by a grassroots campaign and the new, anti-5G political party Save Us Now led by Mark Steel and event leader Kate Shemerani, branded by the Daily Mail as the “most dangerous woman in Britain”.

Professor Cahill roused the crowd, saying: “Vaccines have not been safety-tested. They tell you when you take a vaccine you’ll get a little bit of swelling, is that true? No. You can get multiple sclerosis and allergies. When I talk to parents, there are 12 known diseases you can get. If you’re a parent, auntie, grandparent, cousin or neighbour, we’re here to say the truth will come out.”

Other lynchpins of the health freedom movement spoke via recorded messages, such as Dr Andrew Wakefield, the gastroenterologist who had his medical license revoked after linking the MMR vaccine to rising rates of autism. He promoted his new film, “1986: The Act”, and spoke about the potential dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine.

London Lockdown Protests “Unite for Freedom Rally”
Credit: RUPTLY live stream screenshot

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement in advance of the protest, saying: “Officers do have the power to report people for fixed penalty notices of £100, which doubles for further offences, up to a maximum of £3,200. Throughout this period, the vast majority of Londoners have complied with the regulations. We all need to continue to do our part to prevent the spread of the virus.”

However, protesters were unresponsive to the police’s advice to “leave the area immediately”.