Home Opinion Spitting Image Launches Its Last Attack On Cummings Upon His Departure

Spitting Image Launches Its Last Attack On Cummings Upon His Departure

The satirical sketch show, Spitting Image, makes the most of its last opportunity to ridicule Dominic Cummings, who recently resigned from his post as the PM’s top aide.

Following the recurring theme of mind control over Johnson’s Cabinet, it seems that the Prime Minister’s ex-senior advisor will never shake the reputation of being a bully, deceiver and manipulator.

Spitting Image’s most recent episode depicts an argument between Johnson and Cummings, which leads to the resignation of the man credited with a ‘Vote Leave’ EU referendum victory.

It is then suggested that, upon final departure, Cummings will ‘take [his] things and leave by the front door – in case I’ve tipped off any photographers’.

This line, delivered by a caricature Cummings with a pointy nose and an oversized head that vibrates when things don’t go his way, suggests that before his resignation was official, Cummings would entertain the media and enjoy one last effort to create speculation, totally aware of the divisiveness of his presence at Number 10.

This happens whilst the cliché scene of a sacked employee carrying a cardboard box with all their desk belongings out the door, as you would see in a Hollywood film.

With one last remark to Boris’ accentuated Etonian stereotype, Cummings suggests he will erase his ‘brilliant and disruptive ideas’ that he planted in the PM’s mind.

The scene cuts to a Cabinet meeting where Boris is clearly mentally incapable, replying with completely off-topic, one-word answers as he drowns himself in his own saliva, as a result of Cummings leaving Downing Street for good and taking his own ideas with him. Raab suggests that ‘the old Boris is back’.

With one last quip about his greatest controversy, Cummings then heads to the train platform on the way to Durham.