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Sturgeon Told She Must Resign

Calls have been growing online for Scotland’s First Minister to resign, after she admitted to flouting coronavirus restrictions that her own Government implemented.

The leader of the Scottish National Party has apologised after being caught breaking the very coronavirus restrictions she implemented.

Photos published by The Scottish Sun revealed that she had been speaking to elderly people inside a bar and restaurant without wearing her face mask.

According to the BBC, Ms Sturgeon has since acknowledged that she was “in the wrong”, adding that “there are no excuses”.

She continued: “These rules do apply to me, just as they do to everyone else, and the rules really matter.

“I am kicking myself very hard – possibly harder than my worst critic ever could – but more importantly I’ll be making sure I don’t drop my guard again.”

Under the Scottish Government’s laws, it is mandatory for customers and patrons of pubs to wear face masks at all times, unless they are seated. The SNP Chief was not acting in line with these legislative requirements. The event occurred in Edinburgh after the Scottish independence advocate attended the funeral of a senior Scottish civil servant.

As public awareness of the incident grew, the Twitter hashtag #ResignSturgeon began trending throughout the entire UK.

Ms Sturgeon’s behaviour was in breach of Schedule 7 of Scotland’s Health Protection Act, which states that, unless you are “seated at a table”, you must “wear face coverings in certain indoor places” including pubs and restaurants. Those who violate this rule can be fined £60, though this falls to £30 if the culprit pays within 28 days. Whether or not Ms Sturgeon will be asked to pay this penalty is currently unknown.

On October 2nd, Ms Sturgeon labelled the actions of an SNP MP who violated coronavirus travel restrictions while experiencing symptoms of the disease “utterly indefensible”.

The First Minister also tweeted her avid support for the MP’s suspension and stated “how angry” she feels “on behalf of people across of the country making hard sacrifices”. In the same tweet, she said that “the rules apply to everyone and they’re in place to keep people safe”.

According to the BBC, Ms Sturgeon has since acknowledged that she was “in the wrong”, adding that