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The Fall Of Free Speech

Don Bongino's Parler.

Opinions… we all have them.

The movies we watch, the video games we play, the football game we watched in that pub with our mates, who the best Batman is, the 2020 US election, Covid-19, BLM and so on. You who are reading this article have an opinion on all the above and they are opinions that I may like or dislike. The important thing here is that you are entitled to your opinion. You have a right to your opinions, no matter how correct or false they may be. You have a voice!

I remember seeing ‘The King’s Speech’, which is about Lionel Logue an actor who helps King George VI with his stuttering issue as he was to make speeches to inspire the troops when they were fighting the Nazis in WWII. In a heated argument between the two, Lionel says, “Why should I waste my time listening to you?” and King George fires back with “BECAUSE I HAVE A VOICE!”

Lionel, as the friend and mentor that he is, very softly and respectfully replies with “Yes, you do”.

So, I remember seeing this movie back in 2010 and I thought that was a great scene and well-acted by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. I watched that scene today and when he yells out in such frustration and pain ‘BECAUSE I HAVE A VOICE!’ I choked up a little, and if any free-thinking person who believes in free speech watches that today they would too. In some ways, it is painful and disturbing that a film from 2010 that takes place in WWII is so relevant to what is taking place right now in 2021. I would like you all to look at this history lesson from The Conservative Latina on Parler:

The Conservative Latina, Parler

On Friday, January 8th, Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account and plenty of my Facebook ‘friends’ were overjoyed at this news. They were so happy that the big bad orange man was silenced by big tech and they believe that this will not have any consequences down the road.

It amazes me how misinformed and brainwashed these people are. Also, the idea that this is all new to them. Big tech and the far-left have been trying to silence Trump and all conservative voices ever since 2015, when he came down that elevator and announced his run for the Presidency, with allegations of racism, sexism, Russian collusion, impeachment and the COUNTLESS times his tweets were deleted and ‘fact-checked’ during the 2020 election.

Let us not forget The VOX adpocalypse of 2019 where Carlos Maza & many left-wing groups had YouTube demonetise conservative commentator Steven Crowder for alleged hurtful comments that Crowder had made towards Maza, in an attempt to shut down Crowder’s YouTube channel altogether.

My deepest darkest concerns right now are how far will big tech go in their attempts to silence free-thinking voices before the conservatives, right-wing thinkers and free speech enthusiasts stop and say ‘ENOUGH!’? President Trump’s last tweets (that were ALSO deleted by big tech including his video) all called for peace and calm. He did NOT in any way call for violence.

But I fear that any further acts of fascist and Communist behaviour from the far-left, big tech and the mainstream media will only further ignite the flames that may very well call for such violent actions, such as what happened last Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

Never forget that you have a right to your opinions, you have a voice and that voice, now more then ever, needs to be heard.