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Cancel Culture Reaches New Extremes As Macaulay Culkin Backs Trump Home Alone Boycott

‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin supports Twitter fans calling for Trump to be cut from his cameo in the film’s sequel.

Earlier this week, Twitter took the arguably autocratic decision to permanently ban President Trump’s Twitter account. This was justified by Trump’s alleged incitement of violence against democracy and the state, when his grieving supporters stormed Capitol Hill in light of election fraud claims. The seriousness of this was demonstrated when the National Guard was notified.

In cancel culture’s latest venture, supporters of this ideologically utopian dream to cancel anyone and everyone who opposes left-liberal doctrine have decided that it is suitable to remove Donald Trump’s cameo in Home Alone 2, a film released in 1992. Some have called to have his face altered to instead depict an older Macaulay Culkin talking to his younger self as the infamous character, Kevin. Others have demanded that the scene is removed entirely. Culkin has been on Twitter defending these fans, virtue-signalling himself into some attempt at relevance again.

What is the point? Genuinely, what purpose does this serve? Supposing the scene is deleted from the film, what does cancel culture have to gain from this? It may be a victory in terms of accomplishing the goal of removing it, but in the real world where liberals don’t seem to engage with people of other viewpoints, this is not a victory. It would be ridiculously insignificant, and if people were to consider this a success of left-liberal ideology and a triumph of cancel culture, that completely demonstrates the lack of seriousness and maturity of this movement.

Wow! Well done! You’ve had a scene with President Trump deleted from a film made nearly 30 years ago… what a success!

In December 2019, this actually happened. Canada’s national broadcaster CBC aired the film with the cameo deleted.

Party politics aside, surely the pragmatic and mature can agree – from left to right of the political spectrum – that this serves absolutely no purpose and, regardless of personal views on Trump, comparatively he is a saint, if you were to consider other historical figures. Is Trump a fascist? No. Is he an idiot? Yes – but to attempt to cancel him in all forms possible is so unbelievably futile.

Should we erase video footage of Hitler, or photos of Stalin? They were undeniably far worse than anything Trump has ever said or done. To delete any remarks by these real oppressors from history would, to the same extent, be absolutely unforgivable and pointless – and yet, they would be far more deserving of it!

The issue with cancel culture and left-liberal doctrine as a whole is that it seems to strive for such pointless and minute successes, and also seems to ignore real problems, that relative to those of America are far worse. BLM organisation advocates seem so ardently in favour of tearing down statues and ‘decolonising’ the education system (particularly in the UK), yet are not seen to be concerned about modern-day slavery.

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Cancel culture has attempted to destroy innocent people’s livelihoods and careers – member of the public and celebrities alike – and for what? Who genuinely cares about others with different opinions? Most grown-ups move on from political debates, and don’t hold another’s personal views against them indefinitely – this is a foreign concept to cancel culture advocates, but then again they are all (quite literally) children.

So what does this attempt to cancel Trump – in the press, on social media and in pop culture – actively achieve? Absolutely nothing…