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Remainer Femi Compares New GB News To Nazis

Left-wing influencers have been calling for the cancellation of a new British news channel before it has broadcast a single show.

The arrival of new television channel GB News was announced last year. It has branded itself as an alternative to the current mainstream television platforms. The channel will be chaired by former BBC employee Andrew Neil.

The arrival of GB News has caused a stir in left-wing circles, with commentators arguing that the channel will be in a “Fox News style”. They have voiced concerns that this will lead to similar attacks as seen in the United States.

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The pressure group ‘Stop Funding Hate’, which engages with “advertisers to make media hate unprofitable”, pushed for the cancellation of GB News by urging people to tweet phone advertisers to express discontent at helping to fund GB News.

They wrote: “If you want to help stop ‘Fox News-style’ TV in Britain:

*Tweet your mobile phone company using the hashtag #DontFundGBNews

*Urge them not to advertise with GB News or any “Fox News-style” channel, & explain why this matters to you.”

Left-wing activist Femi Oluwole expressed his support of the campaign by tweeting:

“Fox News led to Nazis running over a woman and bombs in government buildings. We’ve already had an MP killed and journalists attacked. Where will GB News lead?”

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He followed this by threatening to end his phone contract, should they advertise on GB News:

“Hi @EE, I was on Orange since I started using mobile phones and switched to you almost as soon as you took them over. But I will switch service provider immediately if I hear of one EE advert placed on that channel. #DontFundGBNews

Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has also expressed his disapproval of GB News in the past. At the unveiling of new ‘Project for Peace and Justice’, he argued for a reform of the media industry which puts power “into the hands of the majority, not in the hands of the few”.

He expressed the concern because of the “two new TV stations planned in Britain, being set up with the backing of enormous private wealth, competing to out-fox Fox News”.