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Tribute To Captain Sir Tom Moore Ripped Down By Activists

A tribute placed to commemorate Captain Sir Tom Moore on the plinth of Edward Colston has been torn down.

During the first lockdown, WW2 veteran Captain Sir Tom Moore raised over £33 million for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden and has since become a sign of hope to many struggling across the nation.

The figure will rise to £39 million once Gift Aid is taken into account.

On the 17th July 2020, Captain Sir Tom Moore was knighted by the Queen in Windsor Castle for the money he had raised.

After Captain Sir Tom Moore’s death in early February, Mark Hall wanted to honour the national hero by placing a tribute in Bristol city centre on what had been the plinth of Edward Colston.

The tribute consisted of a large poster of the Captain waving a British flag with the words “Tomorrow will be a good day. RIP Sir Tom” written across the bottom.

However, just one day since the erection of the tribute, it was pulled down and put in a nearby rubbish bin. Very quickly, a stranger fished it out and placed it back on the iconic plinth.

Mr Hall said: “Some divvy pulled it down – totally disgusting.”

“I felt very sad when I heard about his death. He’s done so much for the NHS and the country when he was in the Army, and then he was killed by coronavirus, which he was raising so much money for.”

It is unclear what the motive was for this, but the fact it was placed in a bin suggests it was most likely an activist.

There has been widespread disgust that the tribute had been torn down and it is hoped that the poster will inspire others to lay floral tributes in respect for Captain Sir Tom Moore.