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Piers Morgan Faces Heavy Criticism From Woke Left

Piers Morgan, a Good Morning Britain host, has hit back at an anonymous letter signed by a number of TV freelancers and executives suggesting he is a bully. Morgan has labelled the letter a “parody”.

Piers Morgan has recently been involved in a Twitter spat with ex-colleague Adeel Amini, which unfolded as Amini revealed he had “very much say no” to working with Morgan again.

It comes as the Good Morning Britain’s presenter’s conduct is due to be reviewed by ITV.

Piers has replied, saying he would “rather work with a lobotomized aardvark than work with Adeel again”.

Morgan then responded to claims he had been targeted by Adeel and that he himself was the “victim”, with all of the signatories “victim-shaming him”.

The letter itself was organised by an anonymous group of freelancers and gathered the support of 1,188 industry professionals, including freelancers, commissioners and executive producers.

It came on the same day that Mr Morgan is called a “petty, petulant, fragile man-baby” by a guest on Good Morning Britain.

During Monday’s GMB programme, the hosts discussed the interview set to air on the 8th of March with Oprah Winfrey and both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

One guest was the author and activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who said that Morgan was trying to “punish Harry for marrying a woman you’d don’t like”.

She went on to say he “can’t get his act together because Meghan rejected you”.


This has been flagged as a potential hate speech crime, but ITV is not pursuing it further.

ITV is currently reviewing the conduct of Mr Morgan and whether his online behaviour amounts to bullying. In the same light, Mr Morgan said: “I am discussing abusive hypocrite @adeelamini’s conduct with ITV.”

The TV channel is yet to make a statement on either.