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Labour Lord Charged With Child Rape Allegations

Over the past six months, fourteen Labour politicians have been arrested,  imprisoned or investigated for a number of criminal offences. This includes Lord Ahmed, on trial for multiple rape allegations.

Over a dozen MPs, mayors and councillors have been arrested or investigated for serious crimes, all of which have occurred in the last six months.

These crimes include harassment, abuse, rape, breaking Covid rules, tampering with postal votes, bullying, illegal activity with public finance, stalking and the downloading of child pornography.

Three of these cases have been breaches of Covid rules. Mayor Sabri Ozaydin was caught riding around the streets of Enfield with his friends during the lockdown, although the rules stated that no-one should meet up with anyone outside their bubble. The others involved were Labour Enfield councillors.


There have also been two cases of electoral fraud among Labour politicians. Councillor Afzal of Derby lost his seat in the 2019 City Council elections. However, an ongoing investigation stands against him and three of his associates with regard to ‘perverting the course of justice following enquiries into an alleged incident of fraud’.

Furthermore, Councillor Iqbal committed electoral fraud in 2018 and is currently under trial, being alleged to have lied about his residence to meet the legal requirements to run in the Ilford constituency.

More serious allegations have also arisen that include child pornography and rape allegations. Councillor Judd has appeared in court following allegations of downloading over 85 different sexually explicit images of children.

The trial of Labour Lord Nazir Ahmed continued this week; he has been charged with allegations of child rape. This date back to the 1970s and include rape of a girl under 16, indecent assault of a boy under 14 and rape of a boy under 16.

An additional investigation is ongoing into numerous counts of anti-Semitism arising from the Labour Party, with five people yet to be prosecuted.

The party’s leader, Sir Keir Starmer, is yet to make a comment on any of the investigations or charges.