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Churchill’s Statue Desecrated Again By Radical Feminist Mob

A member of the public has sent in a video showing the letters ACAB, standing for “All Cops Are Bastards”, scrawled on Sir Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square. This is just the latest attack on the statue of our treasured wartime leader from far-left groups.

This attack comes from radical leftist groups that have politicised Sarah Everard’s death, and even one of Sarah’s friends, Helena Edwards, wrote for spiked online saying that Sarah would not have wanted this exteme-anti-men narrative “Sarah had many wonderful men in her life. Several of them were absolutely instrumental in the hunt for her, raising awareness online and in the local area, and out physically searching for her at the beginning. They are just as horrified as everyone else by what has happened. I don’t think Sarah would have wanted them, or men in general, to be smeared with the same brush as her attacker. Most people, and indeed men, are good. They would never wish harm on anyone else, let alone attack or kill someone. Despite what has happened to Sarah allegedly at the hands of this man, I will continue to believe that.”