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Labour MP Spreads False Information On Dominic Cummings

A Labour MP has been forced to apologise and delete a tweet misrepresenting the former Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister.

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, the Labour MP for Tooting, accused Mr Cummings of admitting that he increased his own pay while in Government.

The former aide had his pay increased by about £45,000 to between £140,000 and £144,999.

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner had said at the time that “Dominic Cummings’ bumper bonus was an insult to key workers denied the pay rise they deserve.

“It’s another example of how, under this Government, it is one rule for the Tory Party and their friends and another for the rest of us.”

Today, Dominic Cummings had appeared in front of MPs to give evidence to the Science and Technology Committee. They wished to learn about the creation of the Advanced Research and Invention Agency, also known as ARIA. This had been an idea of Mr Cummings.

Dr Allin-Khan wrote in a now-deleted tweet:

Credit: Dr Allin-Khan / Twitter

In fact, Cummings had been discussing how he had forgone the usual £140,000 salary expected for his position as Chief Advisor until after Brexit had been delivered.

Credit: Dr Allin-Khan / Twitter

This is not the first time that Dr Allin-Khan has been caught out spreading inaccuracies. She was forced to apologise for sending out a picture of nurses in bin bags without the necessary PPE. It later emerged that that the image originated in Spain and therefore bore no relevance to the UK’s Covid response.