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Calls To Impeach President Biden

US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has re-issued calls to have President Biden impeached because “Dems don’t care about migrant kids in cages”.

The Republican Representative from Georgia has started reusing the #ImpeachBiden hashtag in response to his current border policies.

On Twitter, Greene retweeted a video originally posted by Texas Senator Ted Cruz that depicted children being kept in “pods” in Texas, where there has reportedly been an influx in immigration attempts – especially unaccompanied minors.

“[Joe Biden] intentionally and purposefully implemented policies that allowed this to happen,” Greene wrote.

“There’s a reason he won’t even allow the Fake News Media in. #ImpeachBiden.”

Greene then shared the video with a new caption, that stated: “All the proof you ever need that Democrats don’t care about Covid or children in cages. Or your business. Or your church. Or your children going to school. They are too busy importing future voters.”

It is not the first time Greene has called for the President to be impeached. Before she was sworn into office, she announced she would attempt to have Biden impeached before he even became President.

There is no current impeachment process in train, but the situation would need to drastically escalate for the allegations to be accepted.