Home News Angry Leftist Mob Chants “Off With Their Heads” Outside Buckingham Palace

Angry Leftist Mob Chants “Off With Their Heads” Outside Buckingham Palace

As part of London’s ‘Kill the Bill’ protests, a crowd of left-wing protestors were chanting “off with their heads” outside Buckingham Palace today, possibly to intimidate the Government and the Royal Family.

The “off with their heads” slogan the crowd was chanting is a reference to the French Revolution (1789-1799), when anti-monarchist revolutionaries used the infamous guillotine to behead men, women and children deemed to be part of the ‘Aristocracy’ or ruling class indiscriminately.

Revolutionaries used this brutal tactic as a means to take over France by destroying the ‘ruling class’ and converting it into a Republic. Thus, it is no surprise we hear this chant today as far-left ideology has a long history of violent revolution.

It is unclear why these protestors are targeting the monarchy, as they have no role in the creation of the Police and Crime Bill. Likewise, the protestors seem to be unaware that the Queen is not currently residing at Buckingham Palace, as she is currently socially isolating in Windsor Castle.

There does not appear to have been any police action to end the protest, despite this violent and intimidating chant against the British monarch (Queen Elizabeth II) and the Royal Family. As of this moment, it is also unclear whether this protest breaks the law, or whether it is now legal under the Government’s coronavirus legislation.