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Facebook Censors Anti-BLM Stories

Facebook has censored a Daily Mail story on a BLM co-founder’s multi-million-dollar LA property.

Facebook has prevented users from sharing a Daily Mail article regarding Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors, who recently purchased her fourth home, a $1.4 million property in Topanga.

Ms Cullors was criticised due to Topanga having a black population of 1.4 per cent. The New York Post reported Cullors had also bought two other LA homes in recent years, and paid $415,000 for a 3.2-acre property in Georgia.

Users wanting to share links to the Daily Mail story were met with a message that said it “couldn’t be shared”. However, content from other outlets, such as Black Enterprise, a media company that covers black-owned businesses, was allowed to be shared by Facebook users.

Readers of The New York Post on Facebook were also blocked from sharing a story about Cullors’ multi-million-dollar property holdings.

“File:Patrisse Cullors.jpg” by The Laura Flanders Show is licensed under CC BY 3.0

A Facebook spokesperson claimed that the article “shared multiple details which could identify the residence of one of the BLM founders, in violation of her privacy rights. As per our Community Standards, we do not allow people to post personal or confidential information about yourself or of others.”

They added: “We remove content that shares, offers or solicits personally identifiable information or other private information that could lead to physical or financial harm, including financial, residential, and medical information, as well as private information obtained from illegal sources.”

People were quick to call Facebook out for what they called “hypocrisy”. Twitter user @NickLlo1975 tweeted: “#Awkwardmoment when Facebook censors the @nypost for outing Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ hypocrisy.”

It comes after Facebook was accused of censorship last month when Lara Trump’s interview with her father-in-law, Donald Trump, was threatened with removal before it was uploaded. Facebook e-mailed Lara’s team warning that it would be removed if it went live. They then e-mailed again to say they had taken it down.

Lara shared screenshots of the e-mails on Instagram afterwards. “And just like that, we are one step closer to Orwell’s 1984. Wow,” she wrote alongside them.