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Labour Councillor Incompetence – Does Labour know who the PM is?

The Leader of Rainhill Council, Labour incumbent Barrie Grunewald, is running for re-election in the upcoming council elections, and his latest campaign leaflet has been circulating around social media in recent days.

The gem of a flyer, which looks to have been written by Grunewald himself, demonstrates first-hand the degree of incompetence within the local Labour Party.

From the appalling level of spelling to the child-like sentence structure and grammar, the document is littered with mistakes. Grunewald also doesn’t inspire confidence in local voters with his declaration that this vote is a “referendum on Boris Johnstone”. Was he carrying out a spot of DIY at the time, and accidentally included his favourite paint brand on the flyer perhaps?

At the election on 6 May, there will be 17 seats contested overall across 16 wards.

As it stands, there are a total of 46 Councillors that comprise St Helens – Labour have 34, the Tories three, the Greens have two and there are three independents. Two seats are vacant.

One can only conclude that there has been a lack of involvement from higher up in the Labour Party in respect of assisting with campaigning. Whether this is a deliberate policy decision or an oversight is a point for contention, but either way, it doesn’t reflect favourably on either Grunewald, or the competence of the local Labour Party as a whole.