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Distraught Liberal Abandons Her Love For Democracy

Jessica Simor has voiced her displeasure over Labour’s horrendous election results.

A very bitter Jessica Simor took to Twitter on Thursday to vent her frustration at the UK’s decision to vote Conservative in many of the electoral contests fought on the day.

She said: “Do people who just voted Tory think they voted for honesty and decency? Or do they just not think those things matter that much?”

The self-proclaimed EU loyalist also retweeted a user whose bio informs us they are “deeply ashamed” of Britain. The tweet accused the Tories of corruption, potentially hinting at the prospect of voter fraud.

However, this cannot be the case as over the past year, the left have spent much time explaining how voter fraud does not exist. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that Simor will likely have been one of many left-wing figures to accuse those who question election results of “undermining democracy”. Corruption is evidently only a concern of hers when things don’t go her way.

Furthermore, she heavily criticised the Labour Party itself, saying: “My take: there was absolutely no reason to vote Labour except to prevent a Tory gain. Labour has been near invisible. It has not been an opposition & has failed therefore even to explain what the Tories have been doing to our country.”

Many of her recent retweets have advocated for a complete change of strategy by the party, which is yet to recover from its crushing General Election defeat in December 2019.

For the foreseeable future, Twitter will continue to be filled with leftist tears over the recent Conservative triumphs.