Home News Hartlepool voter says “we’ve had enough of Labour”

Hartlepool voter says “we’ve had enough of Labour”

As shared on Twitter this morning, a traditional Labour voter voiced his view on why the constituency turned Conservative last week.

The voter stated that, previously, “you’d vote Labour because you’re working-class, but now we’re getting to a stage where you can think for yourself. We’ve had enough of Labour.”


Labour lost its core, working-class vote in the Hartlepool by-election on Thursday, with the Tory candidate, Jill Mortimer, defeating Labour rival Paul Williams by nearly 7,000 votes.

The election loss has caused further divisions within the Labour Party, with leader Sir Keir Starmer arranging a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle and left-wingers threatening to challenge his leadership. However, as the video explains, the problem runs far deeper than that.

The voter in the video explains the deprivation within Hartlepool, with the police and the hospital.

“They’ve just wrecked it. Everything,” the man comments about Labour.

The video shows the widespread disillusionment that many northern voters have with the Labour Party. The message appears to be that Labour cannot take the North for granted anymore, or they will continue to lose their core voter base.