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Piers Corbyn Seen Taking Down Covid Stickers From Underground

A former candidate for mayor of London and brother of the former leader of the Labour Party has been seen vandalising a London Underground train.

Piers Corbyn, the brother of Jeremy Corbyn, has been seen ripping off social distancing stickers on a London Underground train. He is also seen in the footage walking around the train without a mask, an offence that carries the threat of a fine.

While taking down one social distancing sign, Piers Corbyn was heard saying: “They didn’t keep their distance at the G7, did they?”

He then said at a later point: “Boris lied to us, so we are taking these things down ourselves.”

The footage comes on the day that had been expected to be the UK’s ‘Freedom Day’, when all remaining Covid restrictions would have been lifted. ‘Freedom Day’ has, however, been delayed until the 19th July, with the Government citing rising coronavirus cases as their reasoning for the extension.

Mr Corbyn was seen taking off the social distancing stickers on the Victoria line at Green Park Station.

Credit: ITV

A Transport for London spokesperson said: “We are committed to keeping the transport network safe for all our customers, and signage encouraging social distancing and compliance with the requirement to wear a face covering is an important part of this work.”

Piers Corbyn has accumulated numerous fines and police visits over the course of the pandemic due to breaches of the Government’s Covid policies.