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Labour Civil War Over MP Jess Phillips’ Comments

The Labour Party is currently engaging in a Twitter civil war over one Labour MP’s comments about left-wing personalities.

Labour Party MPs and Labour-supporting personalities have become embroiled in a Twitter spat following comments made by Labour MP Jess Phillips about certain left-wing commentators in an article for The Times. Her comments have led to some angry response from a number of MPs, as well as the commentators themselves.

In a piece on Labour MP Jess Phillips, The Times reports that the MP attacked journalist and left-wing activist Owen Jones, as well as left-wing group Novara Media, both of whom were supportive of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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The article says: “She [Jess Phillips] compares activist-journalist Owen Jones and Novara Media writers to noisy, over-excited children who have had too much sugar – “Who cares what they think, frankly?”

The Labour Party has been struggling to come to terms with the departure of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, with some urging a similarly left-wing agenda to his own, while others seek more “Blair-era policies”. Ms Phillips was a long-standing critic of Mr Corbyn and went so far as to say prior to the 2019 General Election that she did not believe that Labour would win an overall majority under his tenure.

Her criticism of Mr Corbyn are at odds with the views of the Labour-supporting activists that Ms Phillips called “children”.

In response to her comments, Owen Jones tweeted:

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Ms Phillips’ comments also riled up Corbyn-supporting MP Dawn Butler. She wrote on Twitter: