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The Left Continue To Hound A Conservative MP…After He Died

The Conservative MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup, James Brokenshire, tragically died of lung cancer at Darent Valley Hospital in Kent.

Though many Twitter users used the platform to express their condolences to his wife, his children, his friends, and his colleagues, there were many people who used the opportunity to scathingly attack the Conservative Party, which included personal attacks on a man who is no longer around to defend himself.

Keir Starmer wrote on Twitter: “James Brokenshire was a thoroughly decent man, dedicated and effective in all briefs he held. He fought his illness with dignity and bravery. I’m incredibly sad to learn of his death and send my condolences to his wife and children.”

This is a perfectly respectable condolence message from the leader of the opposition at the passing of a member from the other side of the house.

Underneath Sir Keir’s tribute on Twitter however, one user wrote: “Personal tributes are nice, but do you really think it’s appropriate to praise him for his Toryism.”

Another wrote: “Blah Blah Blah, you don’t mean a word of it.”

A third tweeted: “Yeah he worked so hard to weaken the NHS and make sure that thousands of other families would experience the same grief as his.”

The first of these Tweets makes it seem like Starmer has “praised” Brokenshrire’s “Toryism.” This is an instance where the left’s double standards are so clear. They will call Conservatives and right wing politicians horrible people or bigots, but when it comes to their own detestable actions, such as making it seem like a dead man’s political choices and opinions were somehow a crime against society.

This is a mindset of the left that we find often throughout social media; when someone disagrees with you and your political beliefs, it must be because they are a horrible human being who care only about themselves. But a looking at Brokenshire’s voting record, we can see that he cared genuinely about equality and fairness: He voted for Yes on the Equality Bill in 2009, he voted yes for the application of laws against work place discrimination against mariners, and he voted in favour of greater autonomy for schools.

The second tweet assumes that just because Keir Starmer is the Leader of the Opposition that he must be really pleased that an MP from the Conservative Party has died, leaving behind his wife and children. This mindset assumes that the two sides of the house cannot put aside their politics even for a second to be human beings who can express kindness and solidarity in the saddest of times.

The third tweet assumes that Brokenshire’s voting record would be detrimental to the NHS. However, examining it again, James Brokenshire voted to continue to empower GPs to commission services, retain a strong Care Quality Commission, to retain Healthwatch England, and not to reverse a decision to seek to cut admin costs by abolishing Primary Care Trusts. He voted in favour of making it an offence for someone to smoke in a vehicle when there are children present, which will help reduce the number of young NHS patients who suffer health concerns because of passive smoking.

All in all, these leftist tweets at the time when a public servant of this country has passed away are detestable and provide further evidence that the left are the bullies that they accuse the right of being.