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Labour: The Joke That Has Got Old

Labour: a political party that once fought tooth and nail for the working class. Now an unrecognisable, Marxist disgrace.

One might assume that, after suffering their worst defeat in living memory, the far-left Socialist party might now move closer to the political centre. Closer to the people who once felt represented by them. Wrong. The party has doubled down on its ‘wokeness’, continued to ignore the will of the people and proven yet again that they are, in fact, an anti-Semitic party.

Sir Keir Starmer appointed Naz Shah to the front of his bench. This is woman who once appeared to approve of a sentiment shared online by a parody account that the victims of the Rotherham grooming gangs need to “shut their mouths for the good of diversity.” The loving liberal left and their cancel culture army were very quiet about that too.

MP shares tweet saying abuse victims should ‘shut their mouths for good of diversity’

The actor Laurence Fox, however, was harassed, bullied and nearly cancelled after giving his opinion that the UK is not a racist country.

Rebecca Long-Bailey, who was in the running to be Labour Leader only months ago, has now been sacked for anti-Semitism, which came only a week after she was exposed for telling union leaders to “politically educate” their members. Crickets from the left.

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Most Labour MPs still resent Brexit and have been pushing for an extension. Leaving the EU was arguably the best thing this country could have done before the coronavirus pandemic. Had the UK still been in the EU, the death toll would potentially have been higher and the beloved NHS could have collapsed.

One might look at the state of Labour and feel assured at the thought of an unlikely election victory in 4 years. But these are testing times. The UK must remember who gave them 80 per cent of their wages for staying at home. Who gave record sums to the NHS. Who delivered on the will of the people.

Times are tough, but they could’ve been much worse.