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Cancel Culture: “The New Far Left Fascism”

Cancel culture has emerged as a bizarre but brutal form of mob morality crossed with outrage culture, that seeks to attack; a business, person, public figure, books or social influencer. Recently cancel culture has morphed, becoming increasingly political until it now resembles fascism.

Prior to 2020 cancel culture was arguably apolitical, but as we near the impending re-election of Donald Trump, cancel culture has become weaponised by his largely left-wing enemies on social media platforms but when it became apparent that Trump was on uncancellable cancel culture has become extremely violent in the George Floyd riots, which is why Trump has begun referring to them as fascists.

The rioters are a group made up of the organisation Black Lives Matter, peaceful protesters, looters and rioters and a much larger violent and a well-funded group called ANTIFA, the latter of which has been rightly been declared a terrorist organisation in the US.

This movement which has attempted to portray itself as grassroots by hiding behind BLM and protesters, is organised and international having support in nations, most of whom couldn’t find the state Floyd was in on a map. We shall refer to as the “Rioters of Peace”(ROP), has called for the abolishment and defunding of the police, defacement and tearing down of historic statues and monuments and has also demanded that people, politicians, business and celebrities take a knee.

Many have done so and have exposed themselves as hypocrites, in the UK Kier Starmer took the knee for an event which happed abroad, despite failing to prosecute child molesters when he was a high profile lawyer, along with the Premier League which has demanded players take the knee despite not allowing poppies on teams. Source.

This movement started off as the paramilitary wing of the democrat party in the US but has become so much more. The legitimate or liberal left has become ideological exhausted leaving a vacuum in the “culture war” which has become filed with the far left, and since the far left have very little arguments must resort to other tactics, such as crying racism, intimidation, de-platforming which quickly turn violent. Movement is intimidating honest people into making donations which are funnelled to the democrat party.

strange how the democrats raised so much money during the same time donations where being made to BLM

They are seeking to cancel history because it exposed their own evils. The Rioters of Peace are destroying statues of historic democrats who were slave owners, and also the statues of historic republicans who were abolitionists such as the famous Lincoln and the lesser-known Frederick Douglass, believing it will shield them from the election. The left has also given Vice-president Joe Biden a pass for his multiple sexual assault allegations despite destroying trump nominated judge Kavanagh with baseless allegations. Source.

Kayne West like Trump has proven to be un-cancelable, who was also harassed by the mob for his support and work with Trump. Hilary Clinton was also given a pass for her many evil, many people are unaware that she represented rapists and passed the Clinton crime bill which saw the mass and wrongful incarnation of black Americans or superpredators as she referred to them, many of whom benefited from the trump Kanye criminal justice reform bill.

strange how both the main and social media didn’t talk about the trial of Clinton

It must also be asked who controls “cancel culture” it’s been very convenient the timing of the George Floyd riots which overlapped with Hilary Clinton’s trial for sex trafficking, arms dealing and wire taping of high-level military intelligence officers and the Trump 2016 campaign referred to as Obama gate. Also, why is it that the police have become unpopular at the same time when there has been a masses of organised crime networks being taken down during the cover of the lockdown, and why have the mob not cancelled people involved with paedophile rings hiding in plain sight on social media as seen by the recent Wayfair, Hollywood and politics. Source.

Many people think that the left is winning the culture war whereas the right is winning the elections, make no mistake the left is utterly defeated, this is their final push before they surrender or cancel themselves.