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Sorry J.K. Rowling, You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Things have not been looking good for once beloved author and British icon J.K. Rowling recently.

The Harry Potter novels and screen adaptations have reached indescribable levels of fame and following in recent history. Joanne Rowling was a role model and a feminist icon.

When did it go wrong for her? When she suggested that biological sex actually meant something. Source.

Even after making a woke disclaimer before giving her (right to an) opinion, the left wasn’t happy.

As a result, J.K. Rowling has now been cancelled. The loving liberal left and cancel culture army want her head on a spike. A crowd she once appealed to.

Yes, Joanne was also once a woke icon.

Before declaring ‘#IStandWithMaya’, J.K. Rowling’s favourite pass time appeared to be calling the west racist. Rowling didn’t think that the UK was letting enough refugees in. Despite having housed absolutely zero herself. Rowling owns several mansions, one of which allegedly has 18 spare bedrooms.

Rowling also declared one of her most famous characters (Dumbledore) as a homosexual. This was years after the novels and film adaptations had ended, without any indication whatsoever of the character’s sexuality might be.

Rowling has since had no choice but to stand by her views on trans people. Source.

Although it is concerning that someone can face such criticism and potentially lose her legacy over a moderate opinion, Rowling is being eaten by a crowd she once fed.

It’s too late to change sides now Joanne, you made your bed. Now lie in it.