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US Authorities Uncover Chinese Weapons Potentially Being Trafficked To Black Lives Matter Extremists

US Immigration Forces (ICE) have uncovered an operation in Detroit to smuggle highly illegal gun suppressors from China, possibly to arm Black Lives Matter Extremists in the United States.

The finding comes amid an FBI investigation into the potential Chinese collusion in United States domestic protests.

ICE officials took over a Chinese-operated web domain as part of an international arms trafficking investigation.

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They reported that “more than 350 suppressors seized by law enforcement across the county were purchased from the website and smuggled into the United States from China as automotive parts”.

Previously, The National Pulse reported that, on a prior occasion, 11,000 parts of assault weapons from Shenzen, China, had been detained.

Detroit has an ongoing problem with violent crime and the circulation of illegal weapons only exacerbates the problem.

The announcement illuminates the possibility of a connection with the Black Lives Matter protests, as illegal weapons and firearms, potentially from a foreign source, began appearing around these protests.

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The FBI is looking carefully into any international involvement in the civil unrest seen around the United States. There are currently over 2,000 investigations by the FBI into the Chinese Communist Party.

“Investigating international arms trafficking is among HSI’s highest priorities,” said Vance Callender, HSI special agent in charge for Michigan and Ohio