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Dear BBC, You’re Not Helping

The BBC is continuously pushing diversity down the throats of the British people and is beginning to spread this form of social engineering through their Bitesize programmes and various other projects.

Over the last few weeks, the BBC has made it clear that they will be pushing for diverse content across all their platforms as well as inclusivity within their own workforce, which is being done by creating roles for which those only from an ethnic minority background can apply. This is discrimination based on racial grounds, but as it’s against white people, it gets overlooked.

They’ve also made it clear that they want to ‘play a bigger role in children’s education’ and dedicate more online resources to teaching. However, instead of teaching learners aged 5-16+ the important subjects on the curriculum, the BBC is promoting ‘woke’ culture and ideas surrounding ‘social justice’.

Recently, a video was published with the former NBA basketball player, best-selling author and chartered psychologist John Amaechi, pushing the concept of ‘white privilege’. As Amaechi explains in the video, white privilege is a term used to describe the lack of obstacles and challenges encountered as a result of having white skin. He refers to it as “a hard concept for some people to understand”.

Well, something John Amaechi may have forgotten is that many white individuals are yet to see this privilege that is constantly being pushed. From the time during the Industrial Revolution, where white children were child labourers, and working-class white men, the most demonised and scrutinised group today, were dying from lung disease. In this current time, almost 2/3 of homeless people in the nation’s capital are white and are still continuously being excluded from jobs in major corporations and institutions for the sake of diversity.

This is not what we want from the BBC. This is not what we want our compulsory license fees funding. However, we’re constantly seeing how their perceptions are being shifted – with more anti-Brexit narratives and left-wing biases being apparent, the content produced doesn’t come as a surprise.

The BBC has no business trying to condition the minds of children, and if it wants to push for diversity, then how about focusing on the diversity that really matters: the diversity of ideas?