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Police ‘Fed Up’ Of Being Called Racist For ‘Just Doing Their Jobs’

Police Federation urges Met to release bodycam footage of the stop that occurred in East London involving Labour MP Dawn Butler.

The Chief of the Police Federation has described allegations of institutional racism as “bonkers”, stating that “yet again, we have been thrown into the limelight for just policing without fear or favour”.

The Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Mr Ken Marsh, told The Mail Online that the officers involved were “fed up” that the force had been put into the spotlight once more.

Mr Marsh said: “I would call for the release of the footage so everyone can make their own minds up. The Met is so far from being institutionally racist, it’s bonkers. It’s just a comment that is wheeled out by people.”

New Scotland Yard – Credit Can Pac Swire Flickr – Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

“They won’t allow the body-worn camera footage to be released, but a member of the public can film my colleagues and put it on social media and put it around the world.”

“We are pushing for it, I want it out there as much as anyone. They stopped the car because this is our job. The officers are fine, I haven’t personally spoken to them but one of my reps has.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come to the defence of Scotland Yard, insisting that the police are not racist. However, the force did apologise to Dawn Butler following the vehicle stop in Hackney.

Dawn Butler at the Labour Party Deputy Leadership Election – Credit Rwendland Wikimedia – Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

The MP for Brent Central accused the police of racially profiling her after she was stopped. She said “all I can tell you factually is I’m black, my friend is black and he’s got a fairly decent car”.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said that the stop occurred due to an officer entering the vehicle registration into a computer incorrectly. The error consequently led the computer to show that the vehicle was registered in Yorkshire – which Ms Butler herself confirmed the officers had told her – though they did not give the reason for the stop.

Since the stop, Ms Butler has done nothing but criticise the force and has also called on Cressida Dick to resign. She said the police go about their stop and search in a damaging way, saying: “the way you do it and the way you profile is wrong”. She also said that they create an environment of “animosity”.

“It’s irritating because you cannot drive around on a Sunday afternoon whilst being black because you’re going to be stopped by the police,” she said. This is honestly one of the most repellent and sweeping statements I have ever heard.

Several Labour MPs jumped to her defence and reiterated the accusations of racism, including former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

Diane Abbott at the Labour Party Conference – Credit Rwendland Wikimedia – Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

The reality is that the police in this country are not racist. I find it absolutely embarrassing that people who hold such views are elected to Parliament.

If a police officer stopped me whilst driving and asked me questions, or wanted to see my license, I would not question anything – they are there for my safety as well as everyone else’s.

The fact that she has the audacity to assume the reason for being stopped was entirely due to the fact that she and her friend are black is the pinnacle of idiocy and irrationality.

Her self-righteous stance is abhorrent. It is no surprise she is such a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement – they share the same policies and the same ‘I’m black, so I’m a victim’ mindset.

Good God, it’s embarrassing.