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The UK Needs To Take The Migrant Crisis More Seriously

Although a big name on the global playing field, the UK is still a small island with a huge population.

According to the left, Britain is irredeemably racist. So why does the UK seem so much more attractive to migrants and refugees than other safe European countries?

France is hardly a third-world country, so why are these migrants so desperate to leave it?

Why was it pitchforks and torches when Dominic Cummings drove his sick family to his parents socially-distanced farm in Durham, but crickets when over 4,000 people have illegally entered the country so far this year, after spending months travelling across Europe amidst the peak of the on-going pandemic?

Britain is heading for a recession. The economic recovery is going to be worse than the virus itself and almost a million people have lost their jobs.

Allowing more and more migrants into the country in these testing times is like a struggling mother taking in a homeless person when she can barely meet her own children’s needs. It simply does not make sense.

In 2018, the estimated number of veterans living on the streets was 6,000. That’s 6,000 people who swore to protect us and bled for our country, only to return to nothing. Why take in more and more undocumented people to enter the country before meeting our own veterans’ needs? It simply does not make sense.

Nothing will ever satisfy the left. The left are never seen actually making a positive impact on anyone’s lives. Instead, they take to their keyboards and expect everyone else to make sacrifices, while they continue to throw their toys out of the pram and house exactly nobody themselves. Is it any wonder that they aren’t winning elections?

When did it become ‘far-right’ or ‘extreme’ to believe in looking after the people who already live in a country before taking more in?