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Is The UK’s Politics Heading For The Abyss?

Why is mainstream politics heading towards a society based on race and not on the content of your character?

We have a Conservative Government, in name only. No, I’m not talking about the migrant crisis or the A-Level debacle that has been in the headlines. I’m talking about the direction of the country’s soul.

This great nation has, for the last few years, been slipping down a path that was once taken before and should never be taken again: the path of segregation. The left wishes to divide us all into groups, whether that be based on race, gender, social values, parentage, sexual orientation, social class… the list goes on and on.

We see this in our lives every day, especially in the context of race: the idea of a black university in the UK, for instance. As a student myself, I ask what does this achieve ultimately? It achieves what the left has always wanted: the mentality of us vs them, the oppressed vs the oppressor, the proletariat vs the bourgeoisie.

Divide and rule – that’s what this is. We have seen in the United States this very theory becoming a reality, with the Democrats stoking racial divisions and the ensuing protests destroying black communities. They do not want to help – they seek to keep us divided. We see in the UK the Pabour Barty beginning to follow the same tactics, with the recent police stopping of the MP Dawn Butler as a prime example. Butler immediately accused the police of racism, with other prominent Labour MPs such as David Lammy voicing their support, without the full evidence.

We are beginning to see a world where race is yet again the determining factor according to the left, just when we as a society were beginning to heal the divides of past atrocities such as slavery. We were potentially moving towards a post-racial society, a dream where people are judged as Martin Luther King would have wanted – according to the content of their character, not the colour of their skin.

The left only win when there is someone to blame. We must not allow them to sow the seeds of division, yet this Government has done nothing to stop it. We as a society must reject it ourselves.