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The British People Have Outgrown The BBC

Britain is in desperate need of a trusted and unbiased mainstream media outlet. The British Broadcasting Corporation will no longer suffice.

With more and more people refusing to pay the licence fee and #DefundTheBBC becoming a popular trend on social media, the BBC may be nearing its end.

Why has the tide turned? Because the BBC has proven time and time again that it is biased. It does not represent the British people. And it has sold its soul to the woke mob.

In recent news, the BBC was debating dropping Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from the Last Night of the Proms. An Executive Producer even compared Rule Britannia to “Nazis singing about how they will never be forced into a gas chamber“.

Thankfully, the anthems will still be played. However, the lyrics will not be shown.

Why has the BBC decided to take such a bold move? Because they still want to appeal to the BLM movement. However, the cowards behind masks and the self-loathing Brits who can’t stand Britain and its history are highly unlikely to tune into the Last Night of the Proms. So what does this achieve?

Clearly, the BBC is being dictated to by a small but vocal group of the population. If they are too afraid to play treasured British anthems, they do not deserve to call themselves the “British Broadcasting Corporation”.

The BBC’s one redeeming quality was Andrew Neil – a truly fair and unbiased presenter. Neil hosted shows with guests ranging from Diane Abbott to Ben Shapiro.

Neil is no longer with the BBC, due to apparent “budget cuts”. But not to worry! Far-leftist Nish Kumar (arguably the least funny comedian in British history) and the Mash Report are expected to make a comeback.

Rupert Murdoch is reportedly teaming up with Andrew Neil and Nigel Farage to create a new media outlet in 2021. 

Maybe it is time to #DefundTheBBC.