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Moment BLM Activists Clash With Female Rights Group

Video footage has surfaced of BLM protesters clashing in London yesterday against a female rights campaign group. Footage below.

Context: The BLM origins and objective

The Black Lives Matter movement, as we all know, was reborn in the USA in June after the murder of George Floyd, a middle-aged black man, by a white policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The movement then spread all over the world – especially in the UK. Its original aim, which some agree and others disagree with, was to make the public more sensitive about racism in Western societies and to fight the so-called white privilege.

Recent BLM conflict in London

But in London, something else has recently happened, and in some ways, it could be seen as quite ironic.

A group of BLM protesters clashed with a women’s rights activism group, footage of which can be found on the Turning Point UK Twitter account.

No one could have foreseen something like this, as in theory the two movements share common characteristics. Indeed, both fight for social and civil rights and probably stand in a common leftist political area. The video can be watched here:

Dozens of people have reacted to the footage, including many ironic comments. A few examples can be seen below.


In my view, the priority should be to avoid the spreading of both the pandemic and violence in our cities. As a consequence, incidents like this should not happen again. Will members of these two movements cast a light on the reasons for what happened? We do not know – we will just have to wait and see what happens.