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Sasha Johnson Announces New BLM Political Party: TTIP

Sasha Johnson led Sunday’s Black Lives Matter March and announced her intention to form the first “black-led political party in the UK”.

Sasha Johnson is the Oxford Black Lives Matter leader. Johnson led what was advertised as a BLM ‘Million-Man March’ through Hyde Park, London, over the weekend.

The march was quickly intercepted by police officers, who tried to deter the group. Johnson could be seen arguing with the officers, whose attempts failed as Sasha and protesters ignored their instructions and continued through Hyde Park, while chanting: “Take it to the streets, f*ck the police.”

A short time later, the march was interrupted again as BLM supporters clashed with a women’s rights group. Tensions were high as the crowd angrily chanted “black women matter” towards the women’s rights protesters, with one BLM supporter overheard saying “you’re f*cking rude, show some f*cking respect”.

It is not clear which group initially caused the altercation.

The situation escalated quickly and people had to be separated as the encounter became ugly, due to participants from both organisations beginning to shout, with some pushing and shoving. This resulted in BLM organisers ushering their followers away, as a blood-soaked Union Jack could be seen being brandished by a BLM protester in the background.

Towards the end of the march, Sasha Johnson gave a speech where she announced the new political party ‘TTIP’ (Taking The Initiative Party).

Sasha stated: “TTIP will be the first black-led political party in the UK. This is what democracy looks like”.

Sasha continued, saying that: “We are tired of being let down by Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems and all of them. We want our own political party, one that reflects the multicultural nation that we have become.”

“I want my black younger generation, exercise your civic rights. Look at the manifesto of TTIP, because it’s the future. It’s our future. It’s our representation,” she added.

Black Lives Matter advocates defunding the police and creating a “fairer, more equal society”. A statement on TTIP’s website reads:

“A political party registered in Britain. Focused on providing a voice for the British people who want to change Britain for the better.”

You can see the party’s manifesto on the TTIP website.

Sasha Johnson was scheduled to attend a live debate with Mahyar Tousi hosted by Turning Point UK at 7pm yesterday. However, she did not attend the event, which continued without her. This can be watched here: