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Face Masks And Lockdowns Will Not Lead Us Back To Normality

Just as the UK appeared to be coming out of the woods, the chance of a second lockdown is now stronger than ever.

COVID-19 is almost a year old now and has spread around the entire world. The UK cannot afford to lock down again and hope for the virus to just go away – it won’t.

The Government has failed the British people in the last few months by contradicting themselves. After essentially being paid to go to a restaurant (Eat Out to Help Out), an effective scheme to help businesses get back on their feet, the public are now having more freedoms stripped from them.

Being forced to wear a mask is a breach of personal freedoms. The left in particular love to pedal the line of ‘it’s not to protect you, it’s to protect others.’

People who have symptoms should not be leaving their home in the first place. People who do not have the virus will not spread the virus. They therefore should not be forced to cover their faces.

Equally, someone who could spread the virus is likely to touch their face while using public transport or in public areas. A reused disposable face mask (often what people use) will not stop the transfer from objects that people touch.

Why are people who are not wearing masks targeted by the media, while Extinction Rebellion and BLM protests and mass gatherings get a free pass?

Masks and reduced social gatherings should be encouraged as a precaution. But they should not be mandatory by law in the free world.