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Britain’s Victim Mentality: It’s Time To Accept Responsibility

Victimhood is rising in Britain; let’s accept responsibility for our own lives.

Many people in Britain have adopted a victim mentality, causing hate and division amongst families and communities. People are too quick to blame their failures or situation on others and often on their gender, race and even capitalism itself.

People with a lack of accountability believe that life happens to them rather than for them. As a result, they are quick to feel victimised when something doesn’t go as planned. At its core, a victim mentality is a form of avoidance. It is an excuse for not taking responsibility.

It is more appealing and far easier to portray yourself as a victim within society, rather than acknowledge the fact that the blame lies with the individual and the decisions that you may or may not have made in life. This has led to a worrying growth in support for socialism, particularly in younger people.

Young men and women who may have certain difficulties to overcome are encouraged by some to use these as an excuse not to apply themselves and to allow this to hold them back. They might then come to believe that any efforts to effect change will fail, therefore never attempting to succeed, which could result in depression.

Identity politics is also a contributing factor, as it tells people that because of things out of your control about your personhood, succeeding in life will be more difficult or impossible, therefore creating the concept of victimhood.

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Author: dsgetch

Political organisations have seized upon the opportunity to speak on behalf of everyone who falls under the identity they claim to represent.

However, this is a dangerous notion when you have an organisation representing people just because of their gender, sexuality or race, as these do not contribute to the character of the individual – and if they do, they shouldn’t. What you are is not who you are.

The feminist movement tells young women that, due to their gender, no matter how hard they work in life, they will earn less than a man, regardless of their occupation, their work ethic or the experiences they have, which are all contributing factors.

Black Lives Matter teaches young black children that they are oppressed because of the colour of their skin, resulting in lower motivation and a resentment towards people of different colours.

Accepting responsibility for your decisions is the first and most important step towards improving your life and career. You will become less resentful and be a happier, more confident person.