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The Race War: The Left’s Attempt To Stir Up Racial Divide For Political Gain

The twentieth century’s liberal left sought to bring a needed end to racial hatred and segregation in the West. However, modern liberals are seeking to undo this.

The main instrument of contemporary leftism is racism – in particular, actively looking to seek it out (often where there is none) and stir up racial divide in a divisive and manipulative way.

The actions of BLM radicals rioting, looting and rebelling against the establishment (particularly in the US) have demonstrated the blatantly obvious intention of using race as an excuse to put forward their agenda for change – the mutated and suddenly evolved twenty-first century take on Marxism. Putting forward this self-admitted ‘anti-capitalist’ agenda has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

The ideas of ‘defunding’ the police, reducing the power of the state and the actions they took in order to do so, demonstrate nothing more than a strive for anarchism and pure pandemonium in what is most likely Trump’s re-election year.

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In 2020, everything must revolve around identity politics – in particular, race. Through this, the illegitimate, far-left autocrats are seeking to seize control; this is something they are attempting through the divisive power of social media and the era of misinformation – the spread of ‘fake news’.

Everything is now based upon one’s race. White people are silenced or ‘cancelled’ through the mob-ruled decision that ‘white people have had their turn’ – because of course, all white voices echo those of our ancestors hundreds of years ago…

History must now be erased: literature, historical monuments and figures are being disgraced, all in the name of ‘equality’. No – this is not in the name of equality but in a vain attempt at a modern revolution. Some, like BLM activist Gary McFarlane, are self-admitted Bolsheviks – something he spoke of in a talkRADIO interview, admiring the French and Russian revolutions against their monarchies.

This effort of changing and manipulating history forms part of ‘woke culture’, whereby anything which is considered ‘offensive’ – despite the fact that such a term is subjective – must be condemned and shamed.

Identity politics is being used to politicise everything – the highly regarded J. K. Rowling, author of the infamous Harry Potter books, is now slandered online for depicting the character of Albus Dumbledore as ‘not openly gay enough’.

Once highly regarded as a novelist, the author has been condemned as ‘transphobic’ by cancel culture. “J K Rowling” by John Mathew Smith & www.celebrity-photos.com is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Great British hero Winston Churchill no longer defeated the Nazis. No longer did he inspire a generation to defeat actual racists, actual threats to freedom. Now he is taught about as merely a ‘racist’.

What does this actively achieve? Nothing. This is just a feeble and embarrassing attempt of an ironically illiberal group of ‘liberals’ egotistically trying to take power for themselves. The right to free speech is eroding. Anything you do or don’t say is racist – and therefore you must be cancelled for not falling in line with a minority of autocrats.

“UK – London – Westminster: Parliament Square – Winston Churchill statue” by wallyg is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In one of his now infamous speeches, Churchill said: “We shall fight them on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” That is the very stance I will be adopting towards the likes of BLM, Antifa and cancel culture. These are the things that threaten equality, not the peaceful existence of white people. This narrative of the white oppressors and black victimhood in 2020 is false.

The actions of these societal rejects have been more authoritarian than anything Trump or Johnson have done during their times as Heads of State.

And yet, white people are the scapegoats – how can the left so self-righteously preach ‘equality’ and condemn the racism conducted by white people, yet so obviously hold a vendetta against a whole race, based on the actions of that same race hundreds of years ago?

The fact is that extremist groups such as BLM and Antifa want racial divide. They want to intensify racial hatred because it works in their favour. The constant narrative that whites are the cause of all ills is exactly what they need in order to succeed. What better way to stir up an election year than to re-invoke a race war while the self-elected wannabe-elites who orchestrated such chaos sit back with their feet up; there’s so much irony in that, it’s laughable.

The BLM fist looks incredibly similar to the USSR’s communist fist. “Black Lives Matter” by køpper is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Of course, all black lives matter. Every single race matters and we should all agree on the divisive slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’. However, society has to differentiate between the slogan and the Marxist agenda behind its organisation. These radical delusionals are striving for utopia – unfortunately, however, the only possible outcome of these goals orchestrated by (some) self-proclaimed Bolsheviks is, in actual fact, dystopia.