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The Cabinet Office Thinks It’s Reasonable To Negotiate With BLM

According to an article on Wolves of Westminster, footage has emerged of a TUCG video call in September, in which it was claimed that the Cabinet Office had called for talks with the Black Lives Matter movement around “colonialism and enslavement”.

Cabinet Office calling for talks with Black Lives Matter organisation being mentioned on a Zoom call.
Licence: Screenshot of video
Source: Wolves of Westminster

This comes shortly after the Equalities Minister, Kemi Badenoch, spoke out against the propagation of Critical Race Theory in British schools.

She went on to say that the Government was “against the teaching of contested political ideas as if they are accepted fact” and that any such political endorsement in schools was, by definition, illegal. She then went on criticise the anti-capitalist, self-identified “Marxist” Black Lives Matter movement for its deeply political nature which is the driving force of all the political activism that has been seen in the last few months.

The unproven idea that being white in today’s Britain somehow automatically advantages people is often used by far-left political movements like Antifa and BLM.

Despite evidence to the contrary in government, sport, sciences, humanities and universities, where people of colour are well-represented, there is a relentless campaign being carried out to paint a dreary picture of 21st-century Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These extremist groups use loaded terms like “institutional racism” and “unconscious bias” to describe Western society, specifically the UK and USA.

Moreover, although the UK’s police forces invariably invest significantly in diversity and equality training, they seem to be getting nowhere closer to the left’s utopia of a “bias-free” society.

We are yet to ascertain, however, what this looks like, due to the absence of a model country across the free world. Attacks on police officers are rampant at protests organised by BLM. Indeed, the Equalities Minister pointed out the use of racial slurs by white BLM activists against black members of law enforcement.

Brixton Reparation Poster, BLMUK.com

Therefore, it is rather surprising that there are calls within the Cabinet Office requesting negotiations with groups who seem incapable of civil debate and discussion.

Additionally, the notion that those who have never owned slaves should pay repatriations to those who have never been slaves is the sort of incoherent circular reasoning being pushed by this organisation through rioting, pillaging and looting the very people and businesses they claim to represent. With high-profile politicians in the USA calling for the President to declare the BLM organisation a “domestic terrorist” group, it seems uncanny that the British arm of this group would be considered for conciliatory dialogue.