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Is Antisemitism In The Labour Party Finally Being Tackled?

Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended…

This is, of course, massive news for all involved: Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party, has had the whip removed and been suspended from the party that he once led.

Sir Keir Starmer is slowly bringing the Labour Party back into relevance, and at the same time making it all the more dangerous – a strong united Labour party under sensible leadership should have the Government quaking in their Tory boots. As has been shown through countless elections in the past, when the Labour Party is fully united against a Conservative Government that is far from united, such as in 1997, it results in nothing less than a Tory implosion.

Jeremy Corbyn has been stricken from the Labour Party’s books. They will attempt to distance themselves as much as possible if they have any sense, something they are already doing now. Looking at their website, for instance, the first thing you see are the words “A New Leadership”. The immediate danger from Corbyn is gone – we will not be seeing a Labour Party marketing itself to the far-left, but instead to the centre.

Of course, this does not mean that they actually are in the centre-ground of UK politics. We all know that the Labour Party under Sir Keir Starmer is still going to be quite left-wing. However, under the guise of centre-ground politics, they will be a much more dangerous political opponent.

The Conservative Party needs to start thinking about how to counter this resurgent Labour Party. I can hear the ridiculing now, the people who say that our majority is too large for us to be wiped out in one election. To those people, I say this: if we underestimate Sir Keir Starmer, we may end up in that very position.

The Labour Party is changing, and I for one am pleased to see that anti-Semitism is hopefully going to be tackled. But with a strong Labour Party comes the real risk that they will win power.