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Lockdown: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

At this time of crisis, the Conservative Party should remain loyal to the party’s values of liberty and courage in order to keep our country strong.

As a Conservative, it is becoming harder to support the Government’s countless U-turns and its lack of backbone when it comes to standing up to the Labour Party. Now, we are going into a second lockdown. Once again, we are giving into Labour’s demands, despite Government Ministers rejecting the idea a couple of days before.

A second national lockdown will further crush the economy; deepen our mental health crisis; and significantly disadvantage the working class, single parents and domestic abuse victims. Furthermore, it will be ineffective unless the rules are properly enforced, which will not happen without creating an authoritarian police state similar to China.

We do not want this. The country is in the limbo of wanting draconian measures but attempting to keep the value of liberty. This is making our Government crumble. With this choice, we must stand for liberty. It is one thing taking measures to social distance to keep people safe; it is quite another to lock the entire country down and infringe upon people’s freedoms.

The Government is failing to regulate people breaking mild restrictions, yet they believe a second lockdown will work. Instead, they should have focused their efforts on the large Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion protests, rather than stopping people from going to the pub. The nation is tired of unclear and pointless rules.

“Anti-racism” by Can Pac Swire is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Boris Johnson needs to show the clear and strong leadership we expected of him at the beginning of the lockdown, instead of kow-towing to Labour’s demands. A second lockdown will not get us out of this mess.